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What is RacquetBox?

At the core, RacquetBox is a monthly racquetball-centric subscription box service.

We focus on the sport of racquetball and help alleviate the pain-point of needing to run to the store for balls on your way to the court, or stretching your gloves a month longer than your should because you haven't wanted to take the time to order more online.

With RacquetBox, a fresh sleeve of balls, and fresh glove are at your door when you need it ( monthly or quarterly ). We do that work for you to make sure you have the best quality equipment for when you play.

On top of the glove and balls, you get 1-4, or more additional products you may not have known you wanted/needed each shipment to spice things up :)

How does it work?

When you order, you will tell us your glove choice, ball choice, and other details about you such as glove size and player type. Then each month, we bill you on the first, and get a box to your door around the middle of the month ( we try to ship out within a week, then ship time )

All you have to do, is grab your new gear and hit the courts! With your RacquetBox subscription, you're guaranteed to always have a fresh glove for those most important matches.

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